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Interested in learning Zouk??

Beginners are welcome to any of our  Beginner/Level 1 classes. Level 2/ Pre-intermediate classes target experienced zoukers and assume roughly 2 months of Zouk training, or a very strong partner-dance background.  Level 3 / Intermediate classes are limited to students who can demonstrate complete mastery of the concepts that are covered in Levels 1 & 2.

“Open Level” or “All Level” classes welcome Zoukers with a wide range of training experiences – the instructor/s will provide options for multiple levels of ‘zoukxpertise’. However, these classes are not recommended for people who have not yet had any Zouk experience. If you are interested in attending an all/open level event, you can either register for a level 1 course first, or book your private lessons beforehand.

Small Group and Private Instruction

Learn Zouk in a supportive and comfortable environment at YOUR PACE by registering for private classes. All of our instructors are equipped with ZoukNY Teaching Certifications, and have further received extensive individualized training from ZoukNY founder, Kim Rottier. Classes are held at various times and locations, contact our instructors to get your individualized Zouk-On! Semi-private instruction is also available for small groups (3-8 students).

Weekly Classes*

Mondays w/ Igor Fraga & Christina Montoya @ Piel Canela: Level 1, Level 2
Wednesdays w/ Jessica Lamdon @ Stepping Out Studios: Level 1, Level 2 + SOCIAL
Saturdays w/ Jessica Lamdon @ Piel Canela: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3
– First & Fifth Sundays w/ Jessica @ LCL: Level 1, Level 2 + SOCIAL

* Subject to change!! Get our updated list of classes and events from our calendar page!